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"NDMIT amend the nation towards innovation"

NDMIT (Digital Marketing Training Institute) provides the best learning techniques of how to learn the creativity and skills of digital marketing. We provide placements to MNC’s, corporate houses and reputed firms. Our candidates are motivated to indulge themselves on how to captivate the learning techniques of digital marketing. Our marketing programs open great perspectives. We groom our candidates according to the needs of the current digital era. NDMIT came with the motive of transformation and it comes from creation and plugs innovation to the world.


NDMIT is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in the country established in 2016. NDMIT was founded with an aim to impart better education and training in digital marketing. The digital waves keeping its velocity high and it is changing every day. Through digital marketing every business and company strength their online presence in this dynamic world.

NDMIT provides training to everyone starting from fresh graduates to business owners and to the ultimate marketing and sales professionals. The candidates from each sector are properly guided to gain knowledge of Digital Marketing. We are here to enhance the skills and creativity of the candidates and let them dive into the pool of Digital Marketing.



At NDMIT, the main focus is to help people understand the role and significance of digital marketing tools in our daily lives.

The candidates are trained according to the niche which is required to grow their career. We provide live training sessions on how to develop the skills in digital marketing and bring the best into it. To ensure this, NDMIT provides flexible training sessions to its trainees where they get a chance to learn and explore techniques of digital marketing.