“Develop a passion for learning; if you do you will never cease to grow”

Learn Advance Digital Marketing Course from NDMIT and get practical training on all the core topics of Digital Marketing. Enhance your skills on how to work on different tools and get the knowledge to work on different platforms of digital marketing. By learning the advanced aspects of digital marketing the candidates can able to groom themselves according to the need of today’s digital world.
The candidates can able to build up their own strategy on how to perform as well as a proper assessment is being done by our trainers to nurture the candidates accordingly.

Advance Digital Marketing Course module:-

The module contains 7 topics which includes
• Email marketing
• Web analytics
• eCommerce Website Marketing
• Affiliate & Adsense Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Google Adwords & PPC Advertising

Apart from giving the knowledge about the topics discussed above NDMIT also provide training on how to use different tools for working on different aspects of Digital Marketing. We tend to provide the best curriculum on digital marketing and let the candidates grab the knowledge from us.

Advance Digital Marketing Course objective:-

Our objective is to provide practical knowledge on how to develop practical skills on various topics that are being covered in the Digital Marketing Certification Advance Course, apart from providing practical knowledge on the core topics of Advance we provide live sessions on how to use different tools of digital marketing.
NDMIT believes in motivating their aspirants and letting them reach the highest level. Our trainers are efficient enough in giving the best knowledge to the candidates and help them to cross the hurdles of getting placed in good corporations or MNN’cs. Skill equipped features are being
delivered to our candidates in the Advance level of our course structure.

Advance Digital Marketing Course structure:-

We provide the skill-based learning methodology to the candidates, in spite of delivering knowledge on the core topics of the module, we provide SMS i.e. Study Material System to our candidates so that they can access the topics which are being discussed in class. SMS is an e-learning content that is being provided to the aspirants so that they can access the study material online.