Companies are looking to hire digital, new age technology professionals in 2020

2020 was like a hell; Economy down, businesses down, people become jobless, but as the year is going to its end some good vibes are rising.

Yes, Businesses are planning to get back on track, organizations and firms are started hiring technology professionals in 2020 which is going to be a very interesting part of the year and bringing out around 2 million active jobs even after this pandemic situation only in India. Just suppose the situation of jobs including freelancing works all across the world! It’s really hugeeee….

And the opportunities coming after the worst economic situation is making the Digital Marketing the most demanding skill in 2020 not only because of easy learning capability but because of high ROI in businesses and that’s why businesses need a digital marketer who can run their business on digital platforms and take them back on track.

Here are some stats showing jobs in the various post of Digital marketing:

  • There are around 1.5 million jobs only in SEM including the manager, analyst, content writer, and SEO executive.

The average SEM salary package may vary from 1.8 to 4 Lakhs for fresher whereas, for experienced candidates, it may go up to 30 Lakh p.a.

  • There are around 1 million+ job openings in the Social media marketing field including managerial posts and executives too. The average salary of a social media manager is 5 Lakh to 3 Lakhs for fresher which would go up to 8 Lakh 12 Lakhs for an experienced one. This is because 78% of a salesperson who uses social media performs better than their peers.
  • There are around millions of small and big ventures which actually depend upon leads to makes sales and Digital marketing is becoming a very affordable way to generate leads in less costing. That’s why small businessmen, as well as big firms who lie in the same category, are hiring full time as well as part-time freelancers who can bring them leads for their business in affordable costing through digital marketing

There are more several factors making

  • Its reliability: The digital marketing skills are most reliable its doesn’t need any qualification eligibility it doesn’t require any interview process to learn this skill. Also, anyone can do this whether a professional, a student, a housewife, or businessmen.
  • Part-time earning capability: Digital marketing is not like other fields where you have to make investment and you need a proper setup and an office place for your freelance working. If you are digital marketing then you just need a laptop and internet connection and you can perform your every task by sitting on your couch as well.
  • Non-expensive: If you want to learn a skill like developing and coding or animation or VFX then you have to spend around 1 Lakh + but if for a digital marketing course you can even learn basic for FREE through the internet but for the deep learning you can join any institute and the good thing is best of the institute of digital marketing in India charges a fee from 35k-85k. So it’s a non-expensive course in comparison to other digital marketing most demanding skill of 2020 these are:

Also there so many factors that make digital marketing a very effective course to be learned in 2020 with a wider scope and career opportunities.

Don’t you think it’s a better time to get into digital marketing?

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