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CDP Programme | National Digital Marketing Institute And Training
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CDP Programme

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NDMIT appears with the concept of Career Development Personality Program, which helps aspirants to polish their personality according to the corporate culture.
In Corporate, Communication is Strength!! This program helps participants to communicate effectively in the world.
In Business and Corporate, personality matters a lot. Digital Marketing is the skill and NDMIT makes expertise in it, but In Corporate and entrepreneurship personality matters to retain the clients. Skill is the necessity but grabbing the skill with the attitude, confidence, and perception is important!! That is what NDMIT gives the aspirants in CDP Program…
The portion covered under Business & Corporate!!
1. Listen and Speak: An Ability of listening and Quality of Delivering.
2. Introduction of Corporate Etiquette’s: Etiquette’s Customary code of polite behavior.
3. Etiquette’s Pointer: Organization decorum building.

Communication is the reflection of the personality!! Effective communication is the sign for the organization to perform the functions better. Communication is a block building for the organization means it is a blood of the organization. For the employees, the communication barrier is not acceptable!! There should be Effective and Efficient Communication skills for employees. NDMIT teach participants how to deliver and present thoughts in front of people.
The portion covered under Communication Skills!!

1. Tips to Effective Communication: Presentation of an individual depends on how they communicate.
2. Overview of Effective Communication: Points to present effectively.
3. Barriers to communicate: How to overcome from Barriers.

Time is the most valuable aspect of the corporate world!! The good time management; increases the effectiveness and productivity. Being productive is good for employees, but it’s very beneficial for employees and the organization to knows how to manage time properly. Time Management is the key factor for organization!! NDMIT guides aspirants how to do use time effectively and efficiently.
The points covered under Time Management!!
1. Time Management Matrix: Development of Ideology.
2. Strategic Planning: Strategy; the main aspect of time management
3. Procrastination: Get off from the low mode.
4. Planning or Prioritization: Priority to do planning for Consumption of timing.
5. Introduction to Effective Time Management: Effectively uses of timing.
6. Effective Meeting and Resource Management: Managing resources efficiently.

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 400
  • Assessments Yes
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