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In the world of digital technology, why to lack behind and be out of trend? Back then, in the initial days, only 10% of organizations were aware of the power of the digital world, but today it is an entirely different story. In the era of 2020, there is a phenomenal shift in how the marketers are thinking and executing their market tactics.

The ultimate social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and digital marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Voice Search, Live Content, etc. quite literally boom each and every industry and growing their presence to the millions. So, this year let us find out what are the latest trends in digital marketing; we might experience.

Day by day Digital Marketing is becoming a bigger and better and most important digital marketing will be producing jobs opportunities of more than 20 lakhs in India by 2020

Within the coming years, the impact of digitization would be surprising to the economy.

So one should start the carrier in digital marketing whether your student or doing 9-5 jobs but you need to do side hustle for yourself and your growth in the future of digital marketing

See digital marketing is not like a graduation degree or engineering it is a completely practical thing that you need to test each and every single thing for yourself and your business.

In digital marketing it is not like that one thing works for you and that same thing will work for others you need to do A & B test for that and you need to be completely practitioner.

A few stats discussing digital marketing growth in 2020:

  • Digital advertising in India has grown in billion’s of the mark in (2016-17)
  • Digital media remains around 12% of the overall ad share and is expected to grow up to 24 % by 2020 and more in 2024
  • ‘Search and Display’ are the largest share of the total digital advertisement spends in 2020
  • Young Generation customers check their smart devices every 9.6 minutes or every 159 times a day it’s like crazy.
  • Almost 220 million users are accessing digital services through their smartphone devices and it’s going to grow in 2024
  • Digital Marketing is growing at an average of 14 percent annually

So, are up up-to-date with these trends?
Because if not, you are surely missing out on something big for your business. In order to be on top of the rest, it is always better to know everything about the market. Be the best! Cheers.


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