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Sai Krishna

My Expectation From NDMIT During my course was just to learn things which are happening in the current Digital world but The Teaching was not only Constrained to the curriculum but Extended to Wide Range of Topics and they really helped me to build my career towards Startup. The Duo of Shahbaz sir & Rahul sir Was Really Great and their encouragement is meant a lot to me. Their Guidance gave a lot of Insights about things Happening in Digital World.I got a Detailed Explanation about each & every Topic and also a wide range of clarification on my Doubt. It’s very hard to get such kind of knowledge from only this program and it’s really a great experience. The Staff is So Friendly and Always ready to help and clarify my dough’s.I Suggest Those who  want to pursue Digital Marketing Vividly Recommend NDMIT

My Favorite Word From Shahbaz sir is  “KEEPING DOUBT IN MIND IS A SIN”

Thanks, NDMIT for Enriching My Knowledge and Perspective towards Entrepreneurship.