Freelancing: The Best Career Option for College Graduates, Wonder why?

Freelance, also known as gig work, is a type of service that you offer as an independent worker. This is usually a one-person business show where you set up your business, market it, and do it yourself. Unlike the usual 9-5 job, freelancing comes with freedom. You are the boss here. You work according to your schedule and get to make all the key decisions. In recent times, companies are getting more and more comfortable hiring freelancers rather than full-time employees. Many jobs can be done remotely and companies don’t have to provide the same financial or healthcare benefits to freelancers as they do full-time employees. Hence, starting with a freelancing career is a great choice at present.

What is freelancing?

This is a popular work mode today. It is popular because companies, especially companies that want to reduce overhead, prefer this work mode over hiring full-time employees. On top of this, freelancing gives you the opportunity to set your own hours, and you are the one who decides what to do with your time.

For the successful freelancer, who wants to maintain a standard of living that matches the quality of their work, this is the best work environment. As such, freelancing is going to be your top choice if you want to have control over your schedule, be your own boss, and make more money than you are getting paid for.

If you are new to the gig economy, the best way to start is by freelancing for a few months.

Why is freelancing a good option for college graduates?

  1. It is flexible and hassle-free: Working for someone else makes you less bound to work for set hours. You can work at any time and from any place. This way, you can get to have a personal life and pursue your interests.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to become self-employed: Freelancing allows you to create a brand for yourself, or a company that you can grow into a very big enterprise. With this, you can also have your own work schedule that can suit you.
  3. It makes you work from home: This helps in avoiding traffic and high maintenance living. It also makes it convenient for you to work from the comfort of your home as there is no commuting.
  4. It is a flexible choice: Freelancing allows you to work for multiple clients and gives you the freedom to choose what you want to work on.

How to start a freelancing career?

Your choice of freelancing business should come from your experience and knowledge in the field. Just start an account on Upwork, Amazon FBA, Media Temple or Elance and sell the skills you have acquired at a skilled job. If you have studied art or design, explore the number of interior designing projects you can take up. If you are good at writing, then you can start writing for various magazines. More experience in one area will give you more opportunities to diversify in another area. Freelancing is a business but it is also your chance to make extra income. Think of ways you can increase your revenue and how you can add more value to the products and services you deliver.

Freelance Writing: The Best Business to Start Now!

Remember – Freelancing can also be your ticket to getting a job you love.

The benefits of freelancing :

  1. You get to build your own clientele without having to pay exorbitant salaries to employees or build a formal organization.
  2. You can establish your own way of working without having to go through the usual process.
  3. You are free to take the work assignments that you like.
  4. You have the potential to work from anywhere and at any time.
  5. You are free to take the work assignments that you like. You are free to take the work assignments that you like. You can earn the big bucks if you are really good at what you do.
  6. You have the potential to earn the big bucks if you are really good at what you do. You set your own rate for the projects you take.
  7. You can set your own rate for the projects you take. You do not have to manage anyone.
  8. You do not have to manage anyone.

Freelance work as a long-term career choice –
Freelancing is most suitable for people who are willing to invest more time in their work. You are most likely to have the flexibility to take on more clients, adjust your hours and make changes to your business if you feel that your company is not the right fit for you. Freelancing as a long-term career choice requires special mindset, proper planning and guidance.

When to take up freelancing as a career?

You can take up freelancing as a career at any time, if you have decided to set up your business. If you are currently working a full-time job, it’s ideal for you to take a three-month break, and start freelancing. Make sure you’re the right person for the job and read up on the subject, and also look for platforms to collaborate with like

A comparison between freelance and full-time jobs.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average hourly wage for a full-time worker is $22.53. However, the average income for a freelancer is $27.50. You can work for yourself for at least 20 hours per week and enjoy a professional environment. You don’t have to plan for child care. Your main worry should be on the quality of work you give your customers. Freelancers have the upper hand in the market.

When to become a freelancer?

If you have just graduated and are searching for a job, you can start your freelancing career today. Even if you already have a full-time job, you can start as a freelance business now. Since you have already paid your dues in your current job, your resume would be more attractive to prospective employers.


Many college students have a misconception that they have to focus their studies on only academics. Yes, you must study hard, but you must also study your way. Most of the careers today involve some kind of a physical activity, right from what to do when you land the job to how you should take care of your health and diet. You have to perform, perform, perform! And the way you are performing your way to the career of your dreams, is by starting your own business, using your talents to help others, and creating an income that can help you make it through college.