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You do use Google right? More than 71% of the total population uses google when it comes to asking a query.
That’s why all existing businesses want to rank on search engines like Google.

Google dominates all the other search engines as it’s used by more than 90% of total internet users. There is
where SEO is very important as its plays the most important role in all this. But Google keeps changing its
algorithm so do the ranking factors. There are more than 200 ranking factors for a website that an SEO needs
to work under to rank better but it’s tough to manage all of them. Here are some of the most important
Google ranking factors that could help your website on the search engines to be found by its users.

1) High-quality content

As we all know that in SEO the content is the king and when it comes to ranking
factors then it is. Google always wants to provide its users with the best possible content to impress
them. So we need to feed our websites with those contents because Google is going to
rank a website based on its content.

Now the question is that what are the metrics to measure the quality of the content.

a) Content should be deep and wide

The first requirement of a high-quality backlink is that it should be well
explained in an understandable language. Every topic must be covered in the content so the user doesn’t have
to leave the website to find another question while reading the content.

b) Relevant content

The content on the website must be relevant as per the niche which means it
should be relatable. Providing content on other topics rather than our topic will never impress our readers.

c) Original and unique content

The content should be unique and original as well as value-providing. if Google finds
out that the content present on the website is copied from some other website then it’s going to affect the
rankings in the longer term.

2) Backlinks

After the content, the second most important factor is the backlink. By creating backlinks we can
increase the visibility of the website to more users and crawlers. It also works as a vote for the website whether
it deserves to be ranked or not. If our website gets backlinks from high authority websites it will create a better
impression of our website in the vision of the search engine that our content is trustworthy that’s why high
authority websites are referring us.

3) Loading speed

Another important ranking factor is the loading of the webpage. as the speed of the internet
has gotten better it doesn’t mean that the loading speed of the website will become better itself. With the SEO
aspect, we really need to make the website load faster and more responsive on the other websites. Google
does really count all these things like users’ experiences and it could affect the ranking of a website for a tiny
part of a second.

4) Mobile friendly

Making a website mobile-friendly has become another important factor to rank. As the
users of small devices like mobile phones have shown an enormous amount of growth in the last decade.
Google has made this thing as a parameter to rank or index. The website which is better responsive gets more
love from crawlers and search engines.

5) Domain authority

-The domain authority is actually a metric by Moz that shows whether the websites really
have the potential to rank or not. it totally depends on some of the factors such as the quality of the contents,
quality of the backlinks, technical SEO, and age of the website. This shows what authority or value the website
provides to its users. To improve the total DA and PA of a website it is really important to create backlinks on
those websites that have higher authority already. it’s like to be better be with best.