The quality of the learning experience offered by NDMIT is unparalleled. Our program not only provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain an internationally recognized digital marketing certification, but also enables you to advance your marketing career. We are fully committed to your success and guarantee one hundred percent placement assurance.

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    NDMIT Provides an Unparalleled Learning Experience in Digital Marketing by Enhancing Your Digital Skills and Creating Internationally Recognized Digital Marketing Certifications with 100%  Placement Assurance. The Holistic Framework, a Comprehensive Approach, and a Top-Tier Digital Marketing Program we provide.  

    Fast Track
    Digital Marketing Programme

    Duration - 2 Months

    - Custom Modules.
    - 1 Month Internship.
    - Freelancing Support.
    - Business Support.
    Marketplaces Programme

    Duration - 30 Days

    - Ecommerce Marketplaces.
    - Amazon Marketing
    - Flipkart Marketing.
    - Meesho Marketing.
    Digital Marketing Programme

    Duration - 4 Months

    - 15+ Unique Modules
    - Freelancing Training
    - Online + Offline classes
    - 5 + Certificate of Completion
    Digital Marketing Course

    Duration - 1 Months

    - 10 AI Topics
    - Prompt Engineering
    - Modern AI Tools
    - Experts Guidance
    Pre- Specialized
    Digital Marketing Programme

    Duration - 6 Months

    - 50+ Unique Modules.
    - Work on Live Projects.
    - 1 Month Internship.
    - 100% Placement.
    Digital Marketing Programme

    Duration - 6 Months

    - 50+ Unique Modules.
    - Work on Live Projects.
    - 1 Month Internship.
    - 100% Placement.


    The fusion of your passion, interests, and career aspirations leads to a central point. You're not just receiving training; you have partnered with us to help you achieve that goal, guaranteeing your journey towards success.

    Hybrid Training

    Your access encompasses an array of online materials, all accessible through our LMS (Learning Material System), facilitating candidates in gaining a thorough and profound understanding of Digital Marketing Concepts.

    Lifelong Support

    Your questions deserve 24/7 attention. Our commitment to your success begins on your first day with us and continues when you become an alumni.

    Flexible Training

    Step into the world of Hybrid Training. Our Learning Material System (LMS) presents you with a comprehensive suite of online resources, enabling you to grasp Digital Marketing holistically.

    Job Assurance

    You are provided with complete job assistance, focusing not only on your skill development but also on refining your personality along with conducting corporate experience simulations.

    Training Your Way

    Life's challenges are real, and we get that. Our training adapts to your needs. Choose from online or offline batches, and set the schedule that aligns perfectly with your commitments.

    Guest Lectures

    Motivation shapes destinies, especially when it comes from the pioneers you admire. Our guest lectures feature luminaries from top MNCs. Endowing you with insights and inspiration that catalyze a profound metamorphosis.

    Unlimited Access

    You aren't dealing with a corporate entity; you're engaging with a dedicated organization that is paving the way for young minds towards a luminous future. Aligned with your growth, we provide unrestricted access to what truly matters to you.

    Practical Exposure

    Life unfolds as a series of contests, from the moment we arrive to the moment we depart. As you enter the career arena, the race continues, and you'll find yourself competing with individuals who share your goals and ambitions.

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    Learn about Many Digital Marketing Modules Like Paid Media, Google Ads, and Many More in Just 45 Mins Master Class. SEO - Search Engine Optmization Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which websites to display in response to a user's search query. SMM -  The goal of social media marketing is to connect with the target audience, build brand awareness, engage with customers, and drive traffic or conversions through various social media channels.

    Your journey to success is waiting for you!

    Unlock a world of possibilities with our training program, meticulously tailored to cater to individuals of all ages. Benefit from skills-based courses ideal for undergraduates, graduates, working professionals, freelancers, homemakers, and entrepreneurs like you. Discover the premier online marketing certification course, your gateway to a thriving career.

    Aspiring Students

    Enhance your resume with a diversified skill set, paving the way for better future job prospects. Embrace the potential of earning attractive salaries in Digital Marketing, and open doors to full-time, part-time, or freelancing opportunities.

    Eager Job Seekers

    Invest in your future through our Digital Marketing course. Solidify your appeal to employers, securing job opportunities that align with your studies. Unlock the chance for both part-time and full-time roles, or delve into freelancing and explore the vast realm of millions of Digital Marketing jobs.

    Visionary Professionals

    Leverage advanced learning through our course, a perfect fit for those entrenched in the SEO industry. Elevate your professional journey with the promise of promotions and salary growth after completing the Digital Marketing Course. Discover the realm of freelancing, unlocking avenues for increased earnings and continuous career expansion.

    Force Behind The Leading Organization

    The inception of NDMIT germinated from the minds of two dynamic individuals – Mr. Rahul Pandey, the Director of NDMIT, and Mr. Shahbaz Hassan, the Co-Director and Chief Training Officer of NDMIT (Digital Marketing Training Institute). Their collective vision and expertise stand as the bedrock upon which NDMIT thrives. 

    Mr. Rahul Pandey

    Director | Serial Entrepreneur
    Rahul Pandey, a strong entrepreneur, starts NDMIT to help young people in India become more innovative and achieve their digital goals. With great enthusiasm, he set out to explore areas of Digital Marketing that haven't been touched before. He is an Effective Entrepreneur Who had a Vision of Encouraging the Indian Youth to Become More Innovative in Digital Marketing. With His Enthusiasm and Passion, He Explored Uncharted areas in Digital Marketing which led to the Creation of NDMIT.

    Mr. Shahbaz Hassan

    Director | Chief Training Officer
    Shahbaz Hassan is a highly positive individual who is co-founder of NDMIT and the guiding light of the institution. His ten-year career in the corporate sphere of Digital Marketing has established him as a leading authority in the field. His academic background, which culminates in the attainment of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business by Amity University is a testament to his contribution to the development of NDMIT.

    "Your Path to Job Placements"

    Our dynamic team is committed to connecting you with premier organisations, ensuring exceptional placement opportunities. Witness the success stories of numerous students who have embraced NDMIT certifications to land their first jobs, alongside 100+ trainees who have advanced their careers with an average salary enhancement of 30%.

    What do our Students say?

    Because Feedback Matters

    Corporates Hiring NDMITians Includes

    How does digital marketing will benefit my career?

    Digital marketing helps you to stand out from the crowd and also increases your chances of getting a better job with better packages than your peers. Knowledge in Digital Marketing Will Help you Stand out from the Crown and Increase Your Opportunities of Geeting Better Job Placement Than Your Peers. 

    What is future scope of digital marketing?

    The scope of digital marketing is going to increase with time as the acceptance of the digital world is increasing day by day people are now more comfortable with online services than offline. Therefore, there is a wide scope of digital marketing in terms of career opportunities and the growth of businesses.

    What qualification eligibility is required for a digital marketing course?

    As there is no such qualification required for learning digital marketing but after completing higher Secondary anyone can join this course. This course has been beneficial for those students who are pursuing graduation or post-graduation, as this makes your resume more appealing and attractive which helps you to seek a job.

    How much duration will the course take to complete?

    The study duration also depends on the student's own learning speed and their understanding of the course material. Depending on the student's needs, the course duration can be customized. The minimum duration of the course is 45 days and the maximum is 8 months.

    Do i need a technical background to learn digital marketing?

    There is no such requirement of a technical Background to learn Digital marketing as the amount of technical knowledge you need to learn digital marketing is being provided during the courses, if you have a technical background then it would be a plus point.

    Is there any registration fee?

    Yes, The sum of ₹10,000 will be used to reserve a seat for you in the upcoming batch. Once you enroll, the fees for the batch will be deducted from this amount. We will refund the remaining amount if any.

    Can i pay my fee in installments?

    Yes! We provide our students with the facility to pay fees in easy installments so that they don't feel any burden to pay fees in one shot.

    Do we get an interview preparation session after course completion?

    Yes, we will provide interview training after the successful completion of the course. The interview training is available for all the programs we offered. We create special sessions for our students to train them about how they can clear interviews. We also assist them in making a CV and resume.

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