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Enable India Digitally | Solve unemployment problem for Indian youthMaking you success our #1 priority

In today’s Era, lots of new opportunity with high growth potential with unlimited job opportunity is available but only for those having that skill set. That’s the main reason why there is lots of unemployment in India & on the other hand, there are sectors like digital marketing where job positions remain vacant due to lack of skilled manpower.

The Indian education system doesn’t equip students with skills that enable their earning capability. The biggest problem today India is facing is unemployment. In the world, India has the highest youth population, and it’s the biggest advantage if this youth population can be used effectively. Unfortunately, due to lack of the right guidance and mentorship, students are unclear about what career to choose and waste lots of time acquiring a degree that won’t contribute to their earning capability. This is where NDMIT comes in by training you about skills that are trending & a high growth rate. Just having the right skill is a guarantee of a prosperous and high-growth career for you &we help you by developing those skills in you. It will help you to unlock your unrealized potential through developing the highest growth skills & remove the tag of unemployment by powering you digitally. Our Long term vision for our country is to kill unemployment and make each one of you capable to earn for your family and contribute to the GDP of our country.

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Delivered 10,000+ Digital Marketing Specialist Annually. You can be one of them.

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How to become Low growth you to employed High growth you?

Discover the NDMIT secret system which enables you to get your first job in 120 days even if you tried everything in past & failed.

To make you able to crack any interview only 2 things required.first one is the skills that you will develop during master program &second important thing is to communicate interviewer about your capablity.Imagine someone having very good skill set but not able to communicate your skills because of baseless fear.

You will be developing your overall character, you will become fearless under our guidance & the language barrier will mean nothing to you.

Do you know? Your resume defines you makes you an asset, it makes you more than the average working professional. It presents you as a specialist in the eye of the company.

This one is controversial statement but if you complete your Training with NDMIT you will get sure shot placement that our past record tell.You can checkout all the reviews and comapny details here(Link for that section).It doesn’t mean that it will happen with some magic and without putting efforts.You have to promise your 100 percent dedication towards training in next 4 months and in reward your goal will be achieved. Since 2016 we have successfully placed 5000+ students in their dream company

Either you are Student or Working professional or a House wife our curriculum is 100% flexible in accordance to your needs.

You will get trained on the curriculum which is consistently researched and developed with experts from various industries. This ultimately makes you an asset in today’s world & become top choice of Companies Hr. Guidance for 100+ Live ToolsDonec vitae sapien ut libero venenatis faucibus. Nullam quis ante. Etiam sit amet orci eget eros faucibus tincidunt. Duis leo. Sed fringilla mauris sit amet nibh. Donec sodales sagittis magna. Sed consequat, leo eget bibendum sodales, augue velit cursus nunc,

This New world believe in implementation &you will be paid on the basis of what you can implement .NDMIT’s Digital Marketing Capstone project will give you an opportunity to implement the skills you learned in the Digital Marketing Associate Master’s Program.


The idea behind creating NDMIT comes within the mind from two successful people Mr. Rahul Pandey, Director of NDMIT; and Mr. Shahbaz Hassan, Co-Director and Head Trainer of NDMIT (Digital Marketing Training Institute).

best digital marketing training institute - ndmit trainers

Mr. Shahbaz Hassan is a Co-Founder and Head Trainer of NDMIT!! He is the most reputed person in a Corporate World of Digital Marketing with a most positive personality; having a Decade of Experience in Digital Marketing. He had completed his MBA (International Business) from AMITY UNIVERSITY. His works within certain corporate companies are listed below

Media Mosaic
Credence Digital

After taking broad Experience from MNC Companies and Twenty-Three Certifications in Digital Marketing; He decided to explore his richest experience with the people!!  He started Entrepreneurship with the organizations called Iwaydigital and NDMIT (digital marketing training institute) as well as providing consultancy to various organizations which are located overseas.

best digital marketing training institute - ndmit trainers

The person having a personality with great charisma and a born entrepreneur. He had completed his B.Tech and MBA from Mumbai University; he had an experience of five years in the corporate world. Mr. Rahul Pandey is a serial entrepreneur; holding multiple ventures and a founder of enterprises. His works with well-reputed organizations and ventures are listed below!!

Cyris India Automation
E-Link Export Business
NDMIT (Director)
Iwaydigital (Digital Marketing Agency)

He came with the organization called NDMIT; with the motive of Innovation and for the Awareness which is required for the Nation. He decides to explore the Awareness, where no one knows about Digital Marketing but his passion leads to success which is called NDMIT (Digital Marketing Training Institute) which gives knowledge to 500 Participants and a 100% Placement

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