Chandrayaan-3 historic Moon mission Launched successfully

The Chandrayaan-3 mission is India’s third attempt to explore the lunar surface, and its first to use a robotic rover to collect data. The mission is intended to study the mineral composition of the region and will help to further our understanding of the Moon’s formation.

As he stated on Twitter, “It soars high and elevates the dreams and ambitions of every Indian. This is a testament to our scientists’ relentless dedication, and I salute their spirit and ingenuity.”

The sight of the rocket “soaring in the sky” from the viewer’s gallery was described as “majestic” by commentators. The lift off was greeted with cheers and loud applause from the crowds and the scientists.

The mission will be India’s third attempt to land on the moon, after the unsuccessful Chandrayaan-2 mission of 2019. It is expected to take about a month to reach the moon, where it will look to conduct experiments and collect data.

The lander is due to reach the Moon on 23-24 August -

  • The mission is meant to explore the Moon’s south pole, where it is believed that there may be water ice. If successful, it will be a major milestone for India’s space program.

The lift off was greeted with cheers and loud applause from the crowds and the scientists. The rocket quickly disappeared into the clouds, and the crowd dispersed. Many of the spectators remarked that the launch was one of the most awe-inspiring sights they had ever seen. It was a momentous occasion that will be remembered for years to come.

ISRO has said that the spacecraft will reach the moon’s orbit in around a month and will begin its mission soon thereafter. The mission will attempt to land a rover on the moon’s surface and carry out scientific experiments.

He also praised the Prime Minister for his support and said that this mission is an example of the power of teamwork. He concluded by saying that this success will be remembered in Indian history and will inspire future generations.

The mission aims to place a rover on the lunar surface, which will study the Moon’s topography, mineralogy, and exosphere. It will also help to develop India’s technological capabilities in space exploration.

It also aims to deploy a rover with 6-wheels that will move around the landing site, collecting data and sending images back to Earth. The rover is expected to operate for up to 14 Earth days, or one lunar day.

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Is Chandrayaan-2 a success for India -

  • In the early hours of 7 September, millions of Indians watched the Vikram Moon lander’s final heart-stopping descent on television and social media. 
  • Approximately 2.1km from the lunar surface, the lander lost contact with scientists, ending India’s hopes of becoming the fourth country to achieve a soft landing.

Is India ready to send a person into space -

  • At the height of the Indian IT boom in the early 2000s, most technology graduates wanted to join the software industry, so the Moon mission was conceived as a project to attract talent.
  • As a result of powerful thrusters inbuilt to the test vehicle, NASA conducted a successful “pad abort test” in July.
  • The lander will then separate from the orbiter and descend to the moon’s surface. Once it touches down, Vikram will take readings and conduct experiments for the next 14 Earth days. After that, the mission will come to an end.
  • “If we want to develop the Moon as an outpost, a gateway to deep space, then we need to carry out many more explorations to see how we can build a habitat there with the materials available locally and how we can deliver supplies there,” Mr Annadurai says.
  • “The ultimate goal of India’s probes is that one day when the Moon is separated by 360,000 kilometers of space and becomes an extended continent of Earth, we will no longer be passive observers, but will be able to live on that continent, and we need to continue working toward that goal..”

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